Saturday, February 28, 2009

John and Joel: Together Again!

J/J is a match "made in heaven". These two iconic performers; Elton John and Billy Joel couldn't be much different yet the same. In their respective countries; England and the US, they enjoyed huge success in the 70's and obscurity in the 90's.

Their instruments are similar (hot, current, and melodic), their voices are similar (mediocre yet very interesting), and even their histories seem similar; both enjoyed top-of-the-charts joy, then bottomed out due to addictions.

The "Rocket Man" and the "Piano Man" have had much-publicized love lives through the years as well. Both married, then John admitted his homosexuality while Joel stayed with the super-model types before marrying another girl who is 32 years younger.

Together, the sparks ignite one's nostalgia for their amazing early careers plus show the excitement of their corroboration as they head for the recording studio for their upcoming duets.

They've toured together before (1994 "Face 2 Face Tour), then again in 95, 98, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

This tour, beginning March 2, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida brings them both to a venue near you.

As the inaugural concert at Nationals Park, in Washington DC on July 11, John and Joel will open the night together with a series of duets, playing twin pianos and trading vocals. Each artist will then perform a set with their own band. The grand finale reunites the two at center stage with their supporting musicians for a closing encore.

Tickets are available as of February 28, 2009 and will be gone soon.